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The following is a list of other University of Texas faculty members whose research interests include sexuality-related topics (this is not an exhaustive list; some faculty with related interests may not be listed):

David Buss, Ph.D. (Psychology)
Evolutionary psychology of human mating strategies; conflict between the sexes; jealousy; social relationships

Yvon Delville, Ph.D. (Psychology)
Behavioral neuroendocrinology as applied to social stress during puberty and aggressive behaviors

Juan Dominguez, Ph.D. (Psychology)
Underlying neural and endocrine mechanisms that regulate mating behavior

Michael Domjan, Ph.D. (Psychology)
Effects of learning on sexual behavior; sexual conditioning

Kim Fromme, Ph.D. (Psychology)
Effects of alcohol on sexual risk-taking behaviors

Andrea Gore, Ph.D. (Pharmacy)
Neuroendocrine mechanisms of reproductive development

Gloria Gonzalez-Lopez, Ph.D. (Sociology)
Sexualities and sexual violence in Chicana/Latina families and communities

Paige Harden, Ph.D. (Psychology)
Developmental behavior genetics and risky sexual behaviors in adolescence

Dennis McFadden, Ph.D. (Psychology)
Sex differences in the auditory system; the influence of hormones on otoacoustic emissions

Lisa Moore, Ph.D. (English)
Representations of gender and sexuality in 18th century and modern-day literature

D. Lynn Rew, Ed.D., RN (Nursing)
Sexual health risk behaviors among homeless adolescents

Janet Staiger, Ph.D. (Radio-Television-Film)
Representations of gender, sexuality, and violence in the media

Christine Williams, Ph.D. (Sociology)
Gender, sexuality and sexual harassment in the workplace

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