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Latest News

February 2017: David Buss talks about the revised edition of The Evolution of Desire on AirTalk®.

August 2016: Daniel Conroy-Beam has accepted an Assistant Professor position at UC Santa Barbara.

March 2016: Check out this retro interview with David Buss about ‘The Dangerous Passion’ on Today Show, with Matt Lauer.

February 2016: David Buss receives Association for Psychological Science’s Mentor Award for Lifetime Achievement.

January 2016: David Buss’s article The Mating Crisis Among Educated Women is featured on Edge.com.

December 2015: Dr.Barry Kuhle  and Dr. David Buss’s research on infidelity is covered in VICE.com article, Why Does Evolution Want Infidelity to Hurt So Much?

October 2015: The 2nd edition of the Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology hits the shelves! It comes 52 chapters over two volumes, along with a Preface by Steve Pinker and an Afterword by Richard Dawkins.

August 2015: Laith Al-Shawaf has accepted an Assistant Professor position at Bilkent University.

August 2015: Daniel Conroy-Beam Finds Wide Gap in Mate Preferences for Men and Women.

August 2015: Anna Sedlacek joins the Buss Lab.

July – August 2015: David Buss and Kelly Asao’s talk on “The Evolution of Sexual Morality” was presented at the Chile Conference on the Evolution of Morality.

2015: The 5th edition of David Buss’s Evolutionary Psychology Textbook was released.