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Sexual Abuse-Related Distress Study

We are recruiting women from across the U.S. and Canada who have experienced sexual abuse in childhood or adolescence to participate in a study assessing sexual and psychological distress. Study participation is done entirely online (aside from a phone screening for eligibility) and involves completing online questionnaires three times over the course of two months. Participants are compensated $20.00 as a thank you for your time. All data collected is completely confidential.

Women (cis- and trans- inclusive) and non-binary individuals who are over the age of 18 and able to read and write in English may be eligible to participate. If you are interested in the study, please contact us for more information at

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Individual Differences in Emotion Study 

Men and women are invited to participate in a research study entitled Individual Differences in Emotions. Participation in the survey will contribute to a better understanding of human emotions. If you agree to participate, we estimate that it will take no more than 10 minutes of your time to complete the questionnaire. You will be asked to complete answer some hypothetical scenarios and survey items. Participate here:

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