About Us

The Gonzalez-Lima lab (https://labs.la.utexas.edu/gonzalez-lima/) directs the Texas Consortium in Behavioral Neuroscience at the University of Texas at Austin. Our mission is to prevent neurocognitive and emotional disorders, understand the underlying brain mechanisms, and advance innovative non-invasive treatments. To this end, we pursue a broad-based methodological approach to elucidate the fundamental and clinical implications of mitochondrial respiration and brain energy metabolism in mental health and age-related brain diseases.

The majority of our projects set out to address long-standing intractable questions in behavioral neuroscience, which have remained unanswered largely due to technical limitations. Thus, our first step typically involves the development of new sensitive methods and technologies to measure and manipulate neurobiological mechanisms. The application of these novel tools often reveals new insights into neurobiology and behavior that exceed the scope of the tested hypothesis, driving us down new and exciting pathways of discovery in pursuit of our overarching mission.

As such, while brain energy metabolism remains at the core of our research program, the focus of the laboratory continues to diversify and expand. Current and ongoing areas of interest include transcranial infrared brain stimulation, near infrared spectroscopy, neurocognitive enhancement, mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase, dementia, bipolar disorder and neurotherapeutics.

Those interested to volunteer or donate funds towards our mission may contact us at: gonzalezlima@utexas.edu