The Why Have Sex Questionnaire (YSEX?)

Meston, C. M. & Buss, D. M.

Phase I of the development of the YSEX? (Meston & Buss, 2007) used a nomination procedure to identify 237 expressed reasons for having sex. Phase II asked participants (N = 1,549) to evaluate the degree to which each of the 237 reasons had led them to have sexual intercourse. Factor analyses yielded four large factors and 13 meaningful subfactors, producing a hierarchical taxonomy. The Physical reasons subfactors included Stress Reduction, Pleasure, Physical Desirability, and Experience Seeking. The Goal Attainment subfactors included Resources, Social Status, Revenge, and Utilitarian. The Emotional subfactors included Love and Commitment and Expression. The three Insecurity subfactors included Self-Esteem Boost, Duty/Pressure, and Mate Guarding. Significant gender differences supported several previously advanced theories.

Recommended paper:

Meston, C. M., & Buss, D. M. (2007). Why humans have sex. Archives of Sexual behavior, 36(4), 477-507. (PDF 475 KB)