The Cues for Sexual Desire Scale (CSDS)

McCall, K., & Meston, C. M. 

The CSDS (CSDS; McCall & Meston, 2006) is a multidimensional assessment scale of cues associated with sexual desire in women. It consists of 4 factor analytic derived subscales: 1) Emotional Bonding Cues, 2) Erotic/Explicit Cues, 3) Visual/Proximity Cues, and 4) Implicit/Romantic Cues. The CSDS demonstrates good reliability and validity and is able to detect significant differences between women with and without hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

Recommended paper: 

McCall, K., & Meston, C. (2006). Cues resulting in desire for sexual activity in women. The Journal of Sexual Medicine, 3(5), 838. (PDF 144 KB)