Gingko Biloba Extract for Female Sexual Arousal Disorder

Gingko biloba extract (GBE), a naturally occurring substance from the Chinese Gingko tree, facilitates blood flow, influences nitric oxide systems and has a relaxant effect on smooth muscle tissue. These processes are integral to the female sexual response and, hence, it is feasible that GBE may enhance women’s sexual response. To examine this hypothesis, we examined the potential effectiveness of using GBE to treat sexual desire, arousal, and orgasm difficulties in 99 women with diagnosed sexual dysfunction using a double-blind protocol in which the women received either 300mg GBE or placebo 90 min prior to viewing neutral and erotic film stimuli. A single dose of GBE significantly increased physiological, but not subjective levels of sexual arousal to erotic videos compared to placebo. The chronic effects of GBE on sexual function were assessed by randomly assigning participants to 8 weeks of either GBE, Placebo, Sex Therapy, or Sex Therapy plus GBE, and comparing sexual outcome measures at 4 weeks (Mid-Treatment), and 8 weeks (Post-Treatment). When combined with sex therapy, but not alone, 8 weeks daily treatment with 300mg GBE significantly increased sexual desire beyond placebo. Sex therapy alone significantly enhanced orgasm function versus placebo. Chronic GBE did not significantly enhance arousal beyond placebo (Meston, Rellini, & Telch, 2007).

Recommended paper:

Meston, C. M., Rellini, A. H., & Telch, M. J. (2008). Short-and long-term effects of Ginkgo biloba extract on sexual dysfunction in women. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 37(4), 530-547. (PDF 588 KB)