Research has documented that men are sexually attracted to women displaying cues to sexual exploitability. We (Goetz, Easton, & Meston, 2014) investigated individual differences hypothesized to predict the display of exploitability cues as a mate attraction tactic. It was predicted that women who are more inclined toward short-term mating, high in openness, and high in extraversion would be more likely to display sexual exploitability cues. Fifty-seven women created hypothetical video dating profiles that were later coded for exploitability cues. Results supported the predicted relationships and provided the first behavioral evidence that some women may capitalize on the relationship between perceived exploitability and sexual attractiveness in pursuit of mating goals.

Recommended paper:

Goetz, C., Easton, J. E., & Meston, C. M. (2014). The allure of vulnerability: Advertising cues to exploitability as a signal of sexual accessibility. Personality and Individual Differences, 64, 121-125. PDF (292 KB)