Recommended Media



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Hot Graphic Novels

All erotica, tapes, and videos are available through the Good Vibrations Sexuality Library,

Adventures of a Lesbian College School Girl, 1997

Manara’s Kama Sutra, Milo Manara, 1998

Quiver: A Book of Erotic Tales, Tobsha Learner, 1998

Hot & Bothered 2, Karen X. Tulchinsky, ed. (lesbian), 1999

Herotica, Volume 6, Marcy Sheiner, ed., 1999


All erotica, tapes, and videos are available through the Good Vibrations Sexuality Library,

“Exit to Eden,” Anne Rice, 1992. Read by Gillian Anderson. Cassette only.

“Of Dreams and Bedtime Stories,” 1996. Cassette or CD.

“Ear Candy,” 1997 (collection of erotic tales). Cassette or CD.

“Herotica, Vol. 1-3,” Susie Bright, ed., 1995 – 1997.

“Encounters Erotica” (including sounds of sexual encounters), 1996.

“Cyborgasm, Vol. 1 & 2,” 1993 – 1994 (erotic stories and fantasies). Cassette or CD.


All erotica, tapes, and videos are available through the Good Vibrations Sexuality Library,

“Nina Hartley’s Guide to Seduction,” 1997.

“Nina Hartley’s Guide to Fellatio,” 1994.

“Nina Hartley’s Guide to Cunnilingus,” 1994.

“The Incredible G-Spot,” Laura Corn, 1995.

“Fire in the Valley” Annie Sprinkle and Joseph Kramer, 1999.

Erotic Educational Series, “Behind the Bedroom Door,” and “Sex — A Lifelong Pleasure,” Dutch-produced.

Classic Erotica

“Autobiography of a Flea,” 1976.

“Alice in Wonderland,” 1976.

“Insatiable,” 1980.

“Behind the Green Door,” 1972.

“3 A.M.,” 1976.

“Devil in Miss Jones,” 1972.

Women-Centered Erotica

Films of Candida Royalle:

“Eyes of Desire,” 1998.

“One Size Fits All,” 1998.

“The Gift,” 1997.

“The Bridal Shower,” 1997.

“My Surrender,” 1996.

Films of Betty Dodson: Masturbation Techniques for Women

“Viva la Vulva,” 1998.

“Celebrating Orgasm,” 1996.

“Selfloving,” 1991.

Other Recommended Films

“Annie Sprinkle’s Herstory of Porn,” Annie Sprinkle, 1999.

“Every Woman Has a Fantasy,” Edwin Durrell, 1995.

“Dirty Little Mind,” Jean-Pierre Errand, 1995.

“Sluts and Goddesses,” Maria Beatty, 1992.

“The Swap,” Paul Thomas, 1994.

“Contract for Service,” Ernest Greene, 1994 (lesbian S/M).

“Prison World,” Ernest Greene, 1994 (lesbian S/M).

“Possessions,” Andrew Blake, 1998 (lesbian).

“The Hills Have Bi’s,” Josh Elliot, 1996 (bisexual).