Participating in a Study

The Church Lab at UT Austin is seeking healthy individuals from Austin and the surrounding area for behavioral or neuroimaging studies. If you or your child are between the ages of 6-35 and interested in helping in either or both of the following ways:

  • coming in to our lab to play simple computer games, complete cognitive tests or neurophysiological assessments
  • letting us take pictures of your brain using a MRI machine while you watch a movie, perform a task, or play a game


If you are a parent and have a child ages 6-18 who is interested in participating, please click on this link to access our survey to determine their eligibility.

If you are over 18 years of age and interested in volunteering, please click on this link.


You will not be paid for completing either the adult or child survey, but the studies you can qualify for can pay $10, $15, or $25 per hour. Studies can last from 1-3 hours. You only need to apply once, if you’d like to make a change please contact us at churchlab@austin.utexas.edu. Your survey responses will be stored in a secured online database and may be shared with other UT MRI research labs looking for volunteers. With your permission we will contact you for any studies you qualify for.



If you are a parent of twins in grades 3-5 and you’re interested in the Twin Brains study, click on this link. If your twins are in grade 6 or above, please click here to register for other twin studies.



If you are a parent with a child ages 17 years old or younger who is interested in participating in other studies at UT, the Children’s Research Center offers opportunities to participate in a variety of studies across eleven individual labs. Sign up here.


Follow the CRC on Facebook for news and updates about outreach events and ongoing studies.



Watch the video below to take a tour of the UT Austin Imaging Research Center!

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