Research in our lab currently focuses on the development of cognitive skills such as task switching and reading in late childhood and early adolescence. We are interested in how cognitive processes develop over age, and we believe that atypical development enriches our understanding of what is ‘typical’ by providing insight as to the vulnerable aspects of cognitive development. To address our questions, we use behavioral methods such as cognitive tests, neuropsychological assessments, eye tracking, neuroimaging, and studies of patient populations.

Graduate Student Opportunities

Dr. Church-Lang is recruiting graduate students for Fall 2024.

Research Assistant Opportunities

There are no paid research assistant positions available at this time.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Are you an undergraduate student looking for the opportunity to volunteer as a research assistant in a developmental cognitive neuroscience lab?

We often have openings for undergraduates looking to gain experience in a behavioral and neuroimaging research lab. Duties include participant recruitment, scheduling of scanning sessions, preparation leading up to scanning, follow-ups with parents and children, and data entry. Other possible duties may include reading literature, attending meetings, and learning more about the workings of a research lab. With proper experience and a strong work ethic, the possibility of learning fMRI data analysis and getting trained on the MRI scanner can be discussed. In summary, the more you put in, the more you will get out of this position.

Click here to submit an application.

Please also send an email to the lab manager regarding your application. After you complete the application (including your resume and cover letter), and email the lab manager. We will be in touch in about a week to schedule an interview if your interests and skills appear to be a good fit with our openings.


We are always interested in working with other laboratories, researchers, and clinicians. Please contact Dr. Jessica Church-Lang to discuss possible collaborative projects.

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