Sifaka gut microbiome

Recent research on the gut microbiome of Verreaux’s sifaka published by Amanda Perofsky and colleagues in Proceedings of the Royal Society.

Great media coverage!

Amanda Perofsky with sedated sifaka

Sportive lemur sleep trees

Recent research Elvis Rakotomalala and colleagues on Leplilemur ruficaudatus at Ankoatsifaka Research Station published in Folia Primatologica

lepilemur picture photo credit Damien Caillaud

Ankoatsifaka Director Radio Interview

Dr. Rebecca Lewis was interviewed about her research and about Ankoatsifaka on the KVRX radio show They Blinded Me with Science. Listen to the podcast here.

Ankoatsifaka research in the media

A recent study of color vision in sifaka at Ankoatsifaka is getting extensive media coverage:, apespain, Science Daily.

Sifaka color vision

Carrie Veilleux and colleagues published their research on color vision in sifaka at Ankoatsifaka in “Scientific Reports”. This study takes advantage of the Sifaka Research Project’s long-term data and combines it with new genetic analysis.

Study of lemur parasites

Amanda Perofsky spent about 6 weeks in June-July 2016 at Ankoatsifaka collecting samples for a study of lemur parasites.

Addition To Sifaka Research Project

January 2016

Research Assistant Daniel taking a much needed break from collecting data

Research Assistant Daniel taking a much needed break from collecting data

Daniel joins the Sifaka Research Project as a research assistant after working with Elvis Rakotomalala and the nocturnal lemur community.

Capture and release study of mouse lemurs

June 2015

IMG_0172 Elvis

Elvis Rakotomalala setting trap for mouse lemur capture and release project.

Elvis Rakotomalala conducts capture and release of nocturnal lemurs in Ankoatsifaka.

Cyclone Chedza

Cyclone Chedza passed over the Kirindy Mitea National Park on January 16, 2015. Heavy rainfall was associated with the storm but winds did not cause substantial damage.

November 2014: Looking for New Species

November 2014:  Ankoatsifaka team collaborated with Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership to look for new lemur species in and around the Kirindy Mitea National Park. We explored forest in and around the park, working with the local communities everywhere we went.


MBP car driving with Ankoatsifaka team to explore the forests in the southern part of the Kirindy Mitea National Park.


Joint MBP and Ankoatsifaka team near Kirindy Mitea National Park.









Together, we captured lemurs to measure them, collect genetic material, and assess the general health of the population.


MBP team assessing the health of a wild fork-marked lemur in the Kirindy Mitea National Park.


Elvis Rakotomalala, Ph.D. student at the University of Antananarivo, weighing a lemur with Ankoatsifaka research assistant Daniel.

IMG_9566 Patrick guide and guard

Patrick from a community near Kirindy Mitea National Park was a valuable member of our team.