Invite David Buss to Speak

Dr. David Buss gives talks nationally and internationally to colleges and universities, corporations, and public forums. The talks listed below provide a sample.

Talks on Human Mating Strategies

  • Strategies of Human Mating
  • Why Humans Have Sex
  • Sexual Conflict in Human Mating

Talks on Violence, Terrorism, and Warfare

  • Why People Kill: The Psychology of Murder
  • The Evolution of Terrorism and Warfare
  • “I’ll be Watching You” – The Psychology of Stalking

Talks for Corporations and Business Organizations

  • Adaptation and Innovation: How Human Mating Strategies Can Teach Organizations to Innovate, Survive, and Thrive
  • Sex, Design, and Marketing: How Understanding Mating Strategies Can Inform Marketing, Packaging, and Product Design.

To invite David Buss to speak, please contact him directly at:

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