Open Materials

The MDL is strongly committed to open science research practices. We think open data, code, analysis, protocols, etc., is an important step towards developing a more reproducible and replicable clinical science. We started incorporating open science methods in 2018 (approximately) and are continuing to more fully integrate those methods into our research. Below you will find links to our data, code, pre-prints, and other research products that can sometimes be hard to find (e.g., conference posters and talks). We will continue to post additional resources as they are developed.

MDL Open Resources

How to develop a research idea: Dynamic version

Lab manual: Dynamic version and a static version (pushed to the UT Dataverse when major updates to the lab manual occur).

Guidelines for conducting an honors thesis in the MDL:

MDL Open Data, Pre-Prints, Posters/Talks, Dissertations

Open data:


Poster/talk repository:


MDL Recorded Talks

We occasionally record our lab meetings or other presentations, particularly when we are discussing topics that we may want to revisit in the future.