Who is right for you? How does the way you deal with your emotions influence your relationship satisfaction? This psychology test will give you information about yourself and also act as a guide to your relationships. This test, the Brief Loquaciousness and Interpersonal Responsiveness Test (henceb.l.i.r.t.), measures a personality characteristic that determines who you relate to most effectively.

The test was written by psychologists at University of Texas and is valid according to rigorous scientific standards. We charge nothing and will provide you with results as soon as you submit your answers.We would also like to ask you some questions about the way that you see some of the groups that you belong to, as a part of a continuing research study. Answering these questions won’t take long, and will help us with our research into how the way people see their groups affects their thoughts and behavior.

By clicking the “start” button, you’re agreeing that your answers will be recorded, and that you are over 18 years old. Your answers on all questions will be completely anonymous, and cannot be connected to your name or identity.