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Prospective Graduate Students
Graduate Students who are interested in pursing graduate studies in Clinical Psychology should contact Dr. Josephs directly at bob.josephs(at) along with a copy of your resume and transcript.

Volunteer as a Research Assistant
We are always looking for responsible and motivated students who are interested in examining the onset and maintenance of various clinical disorders from the perspective of hormones and behavior to join our laboratory.

Presently, The Clinical Neuroendocrinology Laboratory is running a series of studies examining the effects of drug administrations on participants’ behaviors in a variety of laboratory tasks. The drugs administered in the study may speed up or slow down biological systems related to the body’s natural stress response (e.g., cortisol production, sympathetic nervous system functioning) thus affecting a person’s behaviors in his or her environment. Further understanding of these physiological systems will have implications for clinical outcomes and the treatment of disorders such as depression, anxiety, psychopathy, etc.

As a research assistant, your duties may include screening and scheduling participants, running study sessions as an experimenter or confederate, coding and managing data, assaying hormones, literature searches and other contributions to studies’ theoretical model and hypotheses. Students will work closely with graduate students and other members (including other research assistants) of the lab. Complete research assistant training will be provided.

Prior to application, we require the completion of PSY 301 or its equivalent with a grade of B or higher. PSY 418 completion or other laboratory research is recommended though not necessary. Availability for two consecutive semester commitment is given priority. Being comfortable interacting with experiment participants throughout the session is required. Ability to actively participate in lab research meetings (once a week) is preferred. Qualified non-PSY 357 students are encouraged to apply as volunteers. All research assistans must be available for up to 10 hours each week.

Working in a psychology lab is a great way to experience what graduate school is like and to see what research is all about. It will also provide you with a unique set of skills that will help in your future career whether that would be graduate school or otherwise.

If you are interested, please email one of our graduate students. We look forward to hearing from you.

Interested Collaborators
We are always interested in working with other laboratories, researchers, and clinicians. Please contact Dr. Robert Josephs at bob.josephs(at) to discuss possible collaborative projects.