PDFs available of recent publications on first responders and adolescent victimization

See the two following articles on the “Recent Publications” page:

  • Feldman, T.R., Carlson, C.L., Rice, L.K., Kruse, M. I., Beevers, C.G., Telch, M. J., & Josephs, R.A. (2020). Factors predicting the development of psychopathology among first responders: A prospective, longitudinal study. Psychological trauma: Theory, research, practice, and policy.
  • Child DevelopmentLee, H.Y., Jamieson, J.P., Reis, H.T., Beever, C.G., Josephs, R.A., Mullarkey, M.C., O’Brien, J., & Yeager, D.Y. (2020). Getting fewer “likes” than others on social media elicits emotional distress among victimized adolescents. Child Development.