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Book review: Heredity is only half the story. Robert Plomin’s “Blueprint.” (October 25, 2018). The Spectator. [PDF]

Book review: Adam Rutherford’s “How to Argue with a Racist.” (March 14, 2020). The Spectator.

Opinion: Success requires luck. Why don’t we spread it around? (May 14, 2020). Boston Globe.

Opinion: Why progressives should embrace the genetics of education. (July 24, 2018). New York Times. [PDF]

The Big Idea: Charles Murray is once again peddling junk science about race and IQ. (May 18, 2017). Vox. [PDF]

There’s still no good reason to believe black-white IQ differences are due to genes. (June 17, 2017). Vox. [PDF]


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2020 and Forthcoming

*Graduate student, undergraduate student, or post-doctoral advisee

Harden, K.P. (In press). “Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated”: Behavioral genetics in the postgenomic era. Annual Review of Psychology.

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Externalizing Behaviors

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Hormones, Puberty, Sex, and Fertility

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Cognitive Abilities

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Externalizing Behaviors

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Hormones, Puberty, Sex, and Fertility

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Cognitive Abilities

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Externalizing Behaviors 

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Hormones, Puberty, Sex, and Fertility

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Cognitive Abilities

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Other Papers in Behavioral Genetics

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Externalizing Behaviors

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Hormones, Puberty, Sex, and Fertility

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Cognitive Abilities

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Other Papers in Behavioral Genetics

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Externalizing Behaviors

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Hormones, Puberty, Sex, and Fertility

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Cognitive Abilities

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Other Papers in Behavioral Genetics

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Externalizing Behaviors

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Hormones, Puberty, Sex, and Fertility

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  • #1 “Most Read” Psychological Science article in April 2013 (based on PDF downloads and full-text views)

Harden, K.P., Mendle, J., & Kretsch, N.* (2012).  Genetic and environmental pathways between early pubertal timing and dieting in adolescence: Distinguishing between objective and subjective timing. Psychological Medicine, 42, 183-193. [PDF]

Cognitive Abilities

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Other Papers

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