Current Research

Cognitive Enhancement through Transcranial Laser Therapy

We are currently recruiting healthy adult participants and patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI).

Adults older than 45 years of age are invited to participate in a study investigating the beneficial effects of non-invasive laser/light therapy on brain and cognitive function.

The study duration is approximately 12 hours over 10 visits. Six of the 12 visits (the therapy visits) have to be scheduled on consecutive weeks, one week apart. The study visits will involve non-invasive measures of physical health (e.g. blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol readings), paper tests of cognition, and brain imaging. Participants will receive the following information free of charge: 1) a copy of blood pressure, resting heart rate, blood cholesterol levels, glucose levels, and body fat percentage 2) results from the measurements of arterial stiffness; and 3) results of the cognitive tests. They may also experience improvements in cognitive processing speed and mood as a result of the therapy.

Disclaimer: These results are gathered for research purposes only and should not take the place of a medical examination.

Study Duration: Ten visits (approximately 12 hours total participation)

Compensation: $200

Study Visit Details:


Our research is funded thanks to the generous support from the following: