Research Assistants


Juhi Patel 

Juhi is a Psychology (Bspsy) major working towards completing minor in business and has completed the pre-health certificate. She became interested in Neuroscience and Psychology research in high school were she conducted research on Parkinson’s disease. In this lab, she will be responsible with proctoring MRI scans, recruiting participants with mild cognitive impairment, and administering cognitive tests. After finishing her degree at UT, she aims to attend medical school.






Lizzie Jones

Lizzie is a Junior Psychology (Bspsy) major at UT Austin and aims to obtain a PhD in Clinical Psychology. When not at school, she works at a local neuropsychology clinic administering cognitive assessments for patients who are suspected of having a brain injury, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, mental illnesses or learning disabilities. She has been an Austinite since 2003, and enjoys hiking, rowing, volunteering, watching movies and playing with her dogs.







Former Research Assistants 

Jacob Miller

Nicolas Villareal

Annalysa Lovos

Stephanie Valek

Janchira Charoenworawat

Deepanjli Donthula