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Student Spotlight:

Spring 2021: 

Hello, I’m a fourth-year honors student double majoring in psychology and philosophy at the University of Texas at Austin. I’m grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the Woolley Lab, as I find research in developmental psychology both enjoyable and important. Many of my academic interests revolve around the intersection of psychology and philosophy. I’m especially intrigued by research of the self, the creative process, religious cognition, and innovative psychotherapeutic practices. In my free time, I like to practice ballet, do stream-of-consciousness writing, and listen to The Doors.

Fall 2021: 

I’m Julia Fishkind and I am a junior at UT in the Plan II Honors Program majoring in psychology. I am entering my second semester in the Woolley Lab as a Research Assistant. Some of my favorite parts of being an RA in the Woolley Lab have been running the Capabilities study and creating a coloring book to give participants as a thank you. I look forward to many more semesters in the lab!


Hi! I’m Claire Perkins and I am a sophomore at UT in Liberal Arts Honors majoring in psychology. This year I am in the Liberal Arts Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program where I will be working on the Anecdotes study in the Woolley Lab. The apprenticeship program was a competitive application process that grants money to fund the study and aid research. This study is exploring how children take in information and make judgments based off of the kind of evidence they receive. We are hoping to see if either narratives or statistical evidence is more convincing to children. I am really excited to see where this study goes this semester!