Reagan R. Wetherill


wetherill_othReagan Wetherill graduated from Vanderbilt University with her Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Neuroscience in 2002. While at Vanderbilt, she assisted research studies under Dr. Ford F. Ebner, studying synaptic plasticity of normal and damaged cortex. After graduating, Reagan began a fellowship at the National Institutes of Health at the National Institute on Drugs of Abuse/Johns Hopkins University under Roy Wise, Ph.D., Satoshi Ikemoto, Ph.D., and Marisela Morales, Ph.D.

While at NIDA, she studied the afferents and efferents of the Vental Tegmental Area using immunohistochemistry techniques in hopes to better understand the role of the VTA in addiction.

Reagan started at the University of Texas at Austin and joined the SAHARA lab in August of 2002. Her research focuses on identifying and targeting intermediate neurobiological phenotypes associated with alcohol use using neuroimaging and neurocognitive tools to characterize these vulnerabilities and link them to alcohol-related outcomes with the goal of addressing these vulnerabilities with new prevention and treatment programs