Kim Jochman

I received my Ph.D. in Biological Psychology from the University of Wisconsin of Madison in 2003, where I studied rodent models of stress and anxiety. After receiving my Ph.D., I was a Visiting Assistant Professor for a year at Beloit College, where I taught classes in Zoology and Human Biology. I then accepted a post-doctoral position at UW-Madison to study the genetic basis of social behavior in mice, with a special interest in developing mouse models of abnormal social behaviors, such as those seen in children with autism.

During my two years in this post-doctoral fellowship, I was involved with the writing of a grant to study the overlap and interplay between social reward systems and drug reward systems in the brain. It was during this grant-writing process that my interest in substance abuse and addictive processes developed. I joined the SAHARA Lab in November 2006 to further explore substance abuse from a clinical psychology perspective rather than a biological psychology perspective. My year spent in the SAHARA Lab introduced me to clinical research and set the stage for my current position as a Medical Writer.

I am currently a Medical Writer for PPD, Inc., which is a Contract Research Organization (CRO). A CRO is a company that is contracted by pharmaceutical companies to assist in any aspect of their drug development programs. As a Medical Writer, I am involved in the writing of protocols, clinical study reports, and new drug applications for submission to the FDA. I enjoy working for a large CRO because we are contracted to write documents for a wide variety of companies that are developing a wide variety of compounds. My current title is Manager of Global Medical Writing at PPD.

On a personal note, I enjoy playing viola with the Austin Civic Orchestra and checking out the live music scene here in Austin. My husband Jeremy and I have been having a great time exploring the Texas Hill Country, Big Bend National Park, and hanging around with our 3 cats, Bacchus, Owen, and Roger.