Bar Lab

Our Laboratory

Located in the spacious Seay Building (built in 2002), our laboratory includes a suite of 9 interview, office, and meeting rooms, a simulated bar laboratory, observation room, and computerized testing room. Comprising approximately 2,000 square feet, the laboratory facilities are fully equipped for conducting survey, interview, and experimental research. The laboratory facilities include private telephone lines, sound proofed rooms, and workspace on the 2nd and 3rd floor suites for graduate and undergraduate research assistants. The bar laboratory is designed to simulate an actual barroom facility in all respects, including dim lighting, music, neon beer signs, and a host of alcohol-related stimuli.

Bar Lab

Experimental studies are conducted in the SAHARA Lab, one of seven simulated barroom facilities in the country. These studies examine the potential mechanisms whereby alcohol intoxication contributes to risk-taking behavior through an effect on cognitive processes.