Amee B. Patel

AMEE B. PATEL, PH.D.amee_oth
Amee came to UT in 2002 via the University of Pennsylvania (graduate) and Dartmouth College (undergraduate). Her research interests were largely shaped by my experiences as a peer health advocate working on a social norms campaign at Dartmouth and as a psychotherapist specializing in addictive behaviors in Philadelphia.

Her research employs survey and experimental methods to study the underlying mechanisms though which social influences operate, along with potential personality and cognitive moderators. She is also interested in the development of empirically-validated treatments for addictive behaviors and hope to refine my skills for treatment outcome research. In September 2006, she was awarded an individual predoctoral NRSA grant from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism to fund her dissertation research entitled An Experimental Test of Collegiate Drinking Norms. Amee is currently a Psychology Postdoctoral Fellow in Returning Veterans and Substance abuse at the Boston VA.