Lab Members

Little Learners Lab 2017-2018

Dr. Amy Booth — Principal Investigator


Curriculum Vitae: Amy-Booth-CV-8-15

Dr. Booth is not accepting new graduate students at UT Austin at this time.



 Lauren Rosa — Lab Manager


 ** We are not currently accepting applications for new research assistants. See this page possible future openings.**

Lauren graduated with a B.S.A in Human Development and Family Sciences from UT-Austin in December 2018. She plans on going to graduate school for Clinical Psychology with a focus in child development. She is passionate about raising awareness for mental health issues, their effects on minority communities and their interaction with the social justice system. In her free time, Lauren enjoys watching plays, going to concerts, volunteering and skiing.


Margaret Shavlik (Doctoral Student) — Graduate Research Assistant


Margaret is entering her third-year as a doctoral student. In August 2017, she transferred with Dr. Booth to Vanderbilt University (from the University of Texas at Austin) to continue her doctoral program. Margaret’s research interests comprise the effects of socioeconomic status on young children’s language learning and literacy skills, as well as on their overall school readiness. When not in the lab or the classroom, Margaret enjoys darkroom photography and being goofy with her dog, Dot.


Jacob Rodriguez — Undergraduate Research Assistant


Jacob is a fourth-year Sociology major with an Educational Psychology minor. Upon completing his undergraduate degree, Jacob hopes to attend graduate school in the pursuit of becoming a counselor.​ He has a passion to help survivors of sexual abuse as well as counseling youth to overcome the many trials that they may face in their own lives. If Jacob is not sleeping or watching Avatar: The Last Airbender during his free time, he is either painting, volunteering with his church, or attending a concert.​


 Emily WeiUndergraduate Research Assistant


Emily is a fourth-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Science and Arts Degree focused in Human Development and Family Sciences.  In addition, she has a certificate from the Bridging Disciplines Program and a Pre-Health Professions Certificate. She is currently a Classroom Intern at the UT Lab School and works with toddlers and preschoolers. Upon graduation, Emily hopes to combine her passion of working with children and healthcare by attending graduate school in a respective field. She has lived in Austin her entire life, so traveling is one of her favorite things to do. Her family enjoys visiting national parks together and doing anything that involves being outdoors. Running is also one of her hobbies – she will be running her third half marathon in the spring! When Emily isn’t outdoors, she loves to bake desserts for her friends and family. 


Jennifer Reese — Graduate Research Assistant


Jen graduated with a MSSW from UT-Austin and worked in various non-profit settings as a medical social worker, a mental health advocate and, most recently, as a counselor at ACC. After a trip with her sister to visit a city where one of their favorite childhood book series was based, she remembered how much reading and imaginary play meant to her as a child. Deciding to change the course of her career, Jen started volunteering with a pre-K program, which led to a job with the Little Learners Lab. In her spare time, Jen spends time with family/pets, friends, reading (including collecting her favorite childhood books), traveling and bingeing TV series!


Kara Kaur — Post-Bacc Research Assistant


Kara graduated with a BA in psychology with a minor in educational psychology at the University of Texas at Austin and currently works as a post-bacc research assistant for the Little Learners Lab. She is interested in pursuing research observing the transmission of psychopathology of mothers to infants, as well as, abnormal child development. She plans on attending graduate school for clinical psychology, with an emphasis in child development. Outside of work, she enjoys volunteering, hiking, golden retrievers, and watching Netflix.


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Amanda Cramer B.A., Ella Stimson B.S., Melanie McQueen B.S., Mandy Aguirre, M.A., Melody Adindu, B.S., Daphne Thammasila, M.A., Elisha White, B.A., Virginia R. González, B.S., Meghan Kainz (Doctoral Student), Jessie-Raye Bauer, Ph.D, Erika Trent, Ed.M., Kendell Tallas, M.A., McKenzie Speight, B.A., Gabi Gomez, B.S., Dani Green, B.S., Chahat Hamirani, Kat B. Lukens, M.Ed., Kristina Jin, Sonetriya Mayfield, M.A., Autumn Vick, Nakita Naik, Katherine Soon, Amber Tran, Meghan Still, Laura Flores, B.A. Lauren Billingsley, M.A., Caitlin Secrist, M.A.,  Estivallis Antinori, Mary Cantu Garcia, Dr. Rachel Watson-Jones,  Jessica Botello, Rayme Payne, Nisha George, Carla Wright, Devon Rush, Caroline Johnson, Armenta, Taylor Luke, M.A., Julia Addell.