Prospective Graduate Students

The Department of Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin has an outstanding doctoral program in developmental psychology. Students join the Social Development Lab through acceptance to the graduate program. Information can be found on the Department of Psychology website.

Dr. Langlois receives numerous applications each year from students wanting to work under her mentorship. She is always interested in accepting qualified Ph.D. candidates into her lab, given the right fit. See below for additional details.


Q.   I want to become a child psychologist.  Is this a good program for me?

A.  The developmental psychology program is heavily rooted in research, and does not aim to train students who seek a career in clinical work.  The students in Dr. Langlois’ lab have been extremely successful in their research endeavors, several of whom have gone on to become professors.

Q.  Do I need to know exactly what study I want to conduct before getting accepted into the program?

A.  No. Few students know exactly what studies they want to conduct before entering into the program. It is expected, however, that students applying to work with Dr. Langlois have read extensively in the area of face perception research that is of particular interest to them, and they should have a broad understanding of the basic findings current in the field.