Graduate Students

     Jess Jankowitsch, M.A.

     Graduate Student

Jess received a B.S. in Psychology in 2009 from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she was the Lab Manager for David Rakison. Her research focuses on the origins of attractiveness preferences and stereotypes in infancy. Jess uses ERP and behavioral methodologies such as visual preference paradigms to understand how the brain processes different types of faces and how experience can shape and shift our preferences. Outside of the lab, Jess is actively involved as an organizer, volunteer, and mentor of high school robotics competitions, and enjoys cooking and playing ultimate frisbee.



     Stevie Schein, M.A.

     Graduate Student

Stevie is a native of Urbana, Illinois.  In 2008 she received her B.A. in Psychology from Grinnell College in Iowa.  Before joining the Langlois Lab, Stevie worked as a research coordinator for Sarah Mangelsdorf and Karl Rosengren and as a lab manager for Art Kramer (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign).  Beyond developmental psychology, Stevie enjoys performing with Austin Opera.