Want to learn more about the present and future of mindset research? See our SXSWedu keynote here.

Here are some other resources that may be helpful.

PERTS has expertise in the design and delivery of psychological interventions on a large scale.  For instance, they will act as one main clearinghouse for the growth mindset interventions.  Contact them at

Relatedly, Greg Walton, Mary Murphy and I have begun to create a novel organization to customize, test, and eventually disseminate psychological intervention strategies that have increasingly been found to have beneficial effects for disadvantaged students. Read more about the College Transition Consortium at the PERTS website.

How can a brief psychological intervention affect consequential outcomes over time?  See Greg Walton’s paper in Current Directions in Psychological Science, Geoff Cohen and David Sherman’s paper in the Annual Review of Psychology, see “The Magic paper” in the Review of Educational Research, see this white paper by Dweck, Walton and Cohen, or, for a briefer paper written for educational practitioners, see our paper in Phi Delta Kappan.

See here for a catalog of psychological solutions to important social problems.

See more resources regarding psychological interventions on Greg Walton’s website.

Wise Interventions provides a searchable, interactive, and addable database of psychologically “wise” interventions created by a team of social psychologist (Greg M. Walton, Timothy D. Wilson, Juan P. Ospina, and Camelo Guzman) and is supported by the Mindset Scholars Network.