Lab Members


Hae Yeon Lee is a recently graduated PhD student in Developmental Psychology and currently an assistant professor of psychology at Yale University / NUS. She received a B.A. in Psychology from Seoul National University in South Korea, and a M.A. in Developmental Psychology at the UT Austin. She is interested in how adolescents come to learn and mentally represent social status from various environmental cues, and how such social cognitive understandings may impact social stress, mental health, and behavioral outcomes during adolescence and beyond. Her research also implements psychological interventions to intervene in these processes at the levels of social cognition, hormones and behaviors.  CV


Melanie Netter is a sixth-year PhD student in Development Psychology at UT Austin. She received her B.S. and M.A. in Human Development from Cornell University. Her research interests lie in investigating the benefits of purpose for adolescents’ educational and social outcomes and how social institutions can better support adolescent purpose development. She is passionate about helping students, especially those from underserved backgrounds, discover how to engage with and contribute to their world in ways that are both personally and socially meaningful.
Fortunato “Nick” Medrano is a fith-year doctoral student in the Developmental Psychology area. He received a B.S. in Education and Social Policy with a double major in Psychology from Northwestern University. His interests lie in the development of belonging, values, and motivation in adolescents as well as designing large-scale interventions to promote positive academic, social, and behavioral outcomes. Currently he is investigating the effects of belonging and mindset interventions in school transitions and the role of purpose and autonomy in classrooms.
Julia Chafkin is a doctoral student in Clinical Psychology with Dr. David Yeager of the Adolescent Development Research Group, Dr. Bob Josephs in the Clinical Neuroendocrinology Lab and Dr. Caryn Carlson. She is interested in the various hormonal profiles of adolescence and how they compare to the subjective experience of stress and anxiety, and in the influence of oral contraceptives on the endocrine system and the risk for depression, anxiety and postpartum mood disorders.


Carol Dweck; Jon KrosnickGregory WaltonGeoffrey CohenMarlone HendersonChristopher BryanAngela DuckworthSidney D’MelloJeremy Jamieson; Valerie Purdie-Vaughns; Barbara Schneider; Chris Hulleman; Rob Crosnoe